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Birds Yard Sheffield: Sheffield Designers All Under One Roof

Deep in the heart of the city, nestled cosily along Chapel Walk, resides an independent fashion emporium named Birds Yard. Originating from Leeds, Birds Yard exists to champion local creativity and design; from clever crafts and home-wares, to contemporary and vintage fashion. 

At first glance Birds Yard may look like your average vintage store, but inside it is so much more. Think of it as a department store specialising in bespoke and handmade items and you’re halfway there. The aesthetics are clean and uncluttered, giving each distinct concession ample room to shine.

Spanning across three floors, Birds Yard collaborates with many brilliant local designers and artists. Birds Yard definitely has something for everyone, with countless concessions ranging from vintage fashion, bespoke homewares, jewellery, art and even deli items, this charming store works hard to reflect a wide variety of Sheffield creatives. Owner Michelle Walton explains Birds Yard’s approach to sourcing collaborators: 

We understand that Sheffield is a melting pot of different styles and tastes, so it’s important for the store to reflect that. If we think something is appealing we’re always enthusiastic, no matter what category it may fall into, be it fashion, homewares or art. I’d like to think that there’s something here for everyone.

Although Birds Yard’s offerings are far from exclusive to clothing, it is fair to say that the delightful abundance of hand picked and reworked vintage fashion is a major draw for a large majority of customers. There are many independent fashion concessions dwelling within Birds Yard, each with their own message and unique twist.  

Velvet Moth 

Velvet Moth is one of many standout fashion concessions within Birds Yard. Although the store offers many fashion concessions, each is wildly unique compared with the next, perpetuating the Birds Yard ideal of ‘something for everyone’. Velvet Moth offer stunning handpicked, high quality vintage garments paired with unique handmade designs, jewellery and much more. This brand is the ideal for any shopper seeking charming one off finds. Although ‘reworked vintage’ is a well-rehearsed tag line for many vintage lines currently on the market, Velvet Moth take this title and truly do it justice. Items are creatively reworked to the utmost extent, entirely recreating pieces until they are barely recognisable in their original form. In this way Velvet Moth are able to offer truly unique fashion. 

Bird Shell 

Bird Shell is another popular vintage line with a home in Birds Yard, although calling it a ‘vintage line’ could be considered misleading. Bird Shell take high quality vintage items and transform them with contemporary twists; 1940’s style dresses are emblazoned with geometric prints reminiscent of the 1980’s creating an entirely new aesthetic. Previously featured in Vogue magazine, Bird Shell have already received positive acclaim for their unique reworking’s of vintage dresses, wedding gowns, jackets and more. Available to either hire or buy, Bird Shell is an up and coming label showcasing unique apparel to suit every taste. 

You Earth Ash 

Amidst the clothes that encompass the majority of floor space in Birds Yard, I imagine it can be difficult for smaller concessions to be noticed, but striking jewellery line You Earth Ash has no such problem. You Earth Ash offer extremely unique and ethical jewellery using responsibly sourced semi-precious stones such as amethyst and quartz. Each piece in the collection differs in size, shape and colour, making each item artistically unique and one of a kind. Large slices of electrically coloured stone are hung from chunky metallic chains, creating an organic yet vibrantly ornate effect. The natural stones used by You Earth Ash are sourced ethically in Southern Brazil, and are often sought after for their supposed healing qualities, all of which are thoughtfully detailed on each product label, adding an especially personal touch to these beautifully unique items.

Kiss Me Deadly 

Kiss Me Deadly is a vintage burlesque inspired lingerie brand specialising in all things femme fatale; from girdles and corsets, to basques, stockings, bras and even retro swimwear. Born out of a search for ‘a good suspender belt set’, Kiss Me Deadly combines retro style with impeccable quality and comfort. Rich satin cerulean and flamingo pink are given a dangerous edge next to soft black lace, creating a glamorous and sensual collection for all shapes and sizes. Kiss Me Deadly is the ideal brand for a woman seeking admirably authentic retro lingerie. 

Concessions within Birds Yard range from vintage to contemporary, classic to refreshingly modern, in an attempt to truly reflect every aspect of creativity within the city. There is little more delightful that clothing that is distinctly rare and equally well made. So if you’re looking for a unique shopping outlet that allows you to support Sheffield independents, you definitely must pay Birds Yard a visit. 

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