Saturday, July 12

The Month in Netflix

July isn't over but having spent most of the month lying in bed eating Malteasers, I've already made my way through a huge chunk of Netflix flicks.

Orange is the New Black - Season 2 

Obviously. The first season was so good I watched all 13 episodes in one hungover weekend with no regrets. The second season took me a little longer, but I think I enjoyed it more because I paced myself this time. I don't want to say too much because spoilers are bad, but there are a lot of new characters that fit perfectly and actually enhance the show, rather than shove in awkwardly and make you wish they'd never turned up. You could watch the entire first and second series in one dedicated week, and you definitely should. It's funny and scary and the acting is fantastic. And there are lots of boobs too!

Best Worst Movie 

Amazing. Best Worst Movie is a documentary about Troll 2 a.k.a 'The Worst Film Ever Made'. To glean a little context I sat through Troll 2 before watching Best Worst Movie, and the critics were right. Boy, is it a stinker! Literally the worst plot/acting/staging/dialogue ever. The doc follows the original cast 20 years after the film's initial release as it gains a cult following of loveable weirdos who adore the film because it's just so hilariously terrible. I really love awful films, but Troll 2 was too much for me. There are many laugh out loud moments but the complete lack of sense gave me a headache, and I had to make a special effort to carry on to the end. However, being able to watch Best Worst Movie afterwards makes it completely worthwhile. The adorable original cast relish their new-found limelight as cult heroes and the arrogant Italian director loses the irony of the success in translation. It's heart-warming and damned funny.

Food Matters

I've been overdosing on documentaries in the last month and this was one of my favourites. Food Matters discusses the impact food has on our bodies, it's extremely interesting and at times jaw-dropping and I've been talking about it for weeks. Unlike a lot of preachy food documentaries this film doesn't just tell you why everything you're eating is going to kill you, it also shares how and why good, natural, raw and organic foods can help cure our bodies. It made me eat healthier and enjoy it, so that's something!

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