Thursday, January 16

Kate Moss at 40

There are many celebrities, but few ever achieve the status of icon. Kate Moss is unequivocally the latter. Few stars can revel in the incredible staying power enjoyed by Ms Moss, who today turned 40 having enjoyed an incredible 20 years at the peak of her industry, and with no plans to stop now.  

Moss's remarkable influence and relevance to the fashion industry remains unwavering. Over the course of her astonishing career, Moss has lead campaigns for the world's premier fashion houses, collaborated with legendary photographers and designers, and more recently, become a designer and fashion editor in her own right.

Artist Russell Marshall is celebrating this momentous birthday with the launch of a  retrospective collection of portraits of Moss. This fascinating exhibition includes some of Moss’s most iconic photographs, including images taken from newspaper archives as well as original reworkings. [40: A Kate Moss Retrospective is open now until February 15th at Imitate Modern in Marylebone.]
Thirty-four covers of British Vogue later and Moss is still an industry leader; her unrelenting beauty, style and charm continue to mesmerise the fashion world. If the proverb "Life Begins at 40" is true,  this next chapter is sure to be a remarkable one for Kate Moss. 

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