Sunday, February 2

Warpaint: Warpaint

You’re probably already quite aware of this huge new hit from Californian girl rockers, Warpaint. This is the second full length instalment from the group, and the first to have been created by all four band members, producing a new, subtler sound. Having already reached the UK Top Ten, the self-titled album heralds massive success for their upcoming tour.

The album offers a fresh, mesmerising journey which upholds the initial charm of their début, but with sharper composition  and the added allure of delicately layered harmonies. Warpaint projects an ethereal sexuality, provoking film noir, come-hither, femme-fatale imagery. Shimmering "Hi" and the intoxicating warning of "Disco//very" create a unique rhythmic shiver with spellbinding effect, generating an unusual soundtrack to a cloak-and-dagger midnight tryst or moonlit dance party.

There’s a hypnotic quality throughout the album; strange and quietly exhilarating. The smokey, warbling harmonies are reminiscent of early ’90s R&B styling’s, though without the over singing. Warpaint exposes new complexities for the potential future of subtly sexy rock music.

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