Tuesday, November 11

Pillow Cinema

Have you ever been so hungover that you just needed to lay in a warm, dark room in ultimate comfort with snacks, blankies and perhaps your favourite films playing for nine hours? Don’t be ashamed. Apparently enough people have been in that state for it to become marketable; introducing, Pillow Cinema.

From the inventive people behind Hot Tub Cinema, Pillow Cinema is the perfect mix of staying in and going out. It forces you to get washed and dressed and go outside briefly, but in the end you get the same level of comfort that comes with staying under the covers all day long, sans guilt!

On Saturday we packed up our pillows (and some contraband cookies) to spend the day in the old Shoreditch Underground Station, ready for Bill and Wes’s Excellent Adventure; a triple bill of Rushmore, Life Aquatic and Moonrise Kingdom. Other upcoming screenings include Lego Movie, Magic Mike and Miracle on 34th Street.

Things were pretty quiet when we arrived at 1pm which gave us pick of the Fatboy beanbags - comfort personified - with enough time to grab a mulled wine and get comfortable before things got started. Rows of beanbags topped with soft red blankets lined the floor, giving a feeling of intimacy with enough space to sprawl. Things were warm and toasty all day despite the ‘abandoned underground station’ status and the frost creeping into the bar upstairs.

And so from 1pm to 7pm, we lay in total comfort and snug warmth while rain fell outside in the cold. I was on my feet only to venture to the bar for mulled wine, hot chocolate, popcorn, crisps and hot dogs. That’s a lot of food, but really, what else are you to do on a rainy Saturday?


  1. Going in a week and will see Monnrise Kingdom, I can't wait!

  2. I'm going Friday! What food's on offer? Trying to decide whether to eat before I go. Cheers!

    1. I'd say eat before! There are small hot dogs and popcorn on offer but it's not enough to warrant skipping dinner. Eat first and then go and fill up on sweets :)